International Lolita Day gift exchange


The next instalment after the hearts photo shoot! International Lolita day is coming up so its an opportunity for us to all share and celebrate our community.
Crafty lolitas, please take the opportunity to make something scrumptious for your lolita partner! For those of us who are not so gifted in the making department, you are welcome to purchase a gift, but please keep it under $15.

PLEASE take the time to read the following description and rules
By setting your status to going you are excepting the following.

1. Deadline to join the event is midnight on the 17th of May, I will need everyone’s POSTAL addresses by this time. If you have given it to me in previous events you will not need to resend it. If you have moved or would like to send it to a different address, please contact me
**Your details will only be given to your exchange partner**
2. There is two entry options to this event. You can choose to make/send a card only or to make/send a gift. Once you have changed your status to going please comment in the pinned post which portion of the event you would like to be involved with.
3. Once the deadline has closed a draw will take place to determine your partner and you will get a pm.
3. This is not a secret exchange so I encourage you to friend the person you are sending you card/gift to. This will give you the opportunity to hopefully say hi to a new lolita or otherwise hi to a already friended one.
4. PLEASE NOTE that is a requirement of this event to send via REGISTERED POST OR EXPRESS POST. Items sent registered post will need to be sent by the 27th May, Express post by the 29th May. Proof will need to be given in the form of a receipt or tracking number.
5. Post a picture and share your lolita card or gift with everyone.

And these are the results ♥


Headbows are always a popular choice for lolita gifts! A lolita can never have enough of them!


If not headbows, then bows are very acceptable!


Shiny polka dot bows, Chiffon and lace bows, mini black and white bows.


Bow barettes, bows on clips and adorable bottle necklaces.


Pearl Necklaces, Candy on necklaces, Cameos Crosses and brooches.


Pearl accessories or rose accessories, or bunnies on top.

4Tiny little bow earrings, rose earrings, shiny silver accessories and an adorable hot air balloon necklace.


A sweet little Macaron charm, rose canotier and floral hair slides.


Alternatively other lolita acessores were just as popular. Eyelashes, keyrings, clips, candles and pouches.


Pretty rose embelishments, super sweet cake rings and pearl beaded bracelets.


Cute Sentimental Circus plush, necktie, bows and fluffy socks


Some luckly lolitas got quite generous gifts as well 🙂


I was very happy to see that many lolitas got crafty to make adorable little treats, and accessories.


Presents are super special when care has been taken to make a gift soley tailored for you!


Or drawn especially for you!


The differences that make each lolita special.


Other gifts were to inspire crafts.


Or with materials to use with crafting.


Accessories and crafts are not the only ways into a lolitas heart, tea is right at the top of the list too!


Along with chocolate and sweets!


And things to pass the time with. Tea and cookies, puzzles and books.

It’s always so lovely to see gifts being shared around the community! Happy International Lolita Day everyone!

♥ Alyssium♥


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