Jan 2013 Swap meet


Its that time again, roughly every three months we hold a community swap and trade meet. Any local lolita busisnesses and individuals are able to bring along their items to sell or trade with the rest of the community. This SM9now is the fifth event and still going strong, in fact with every event we seem to get more people coming along and even more stuff for sale. Up until this point ,my house has served as the venue for the event, but sadly I think its the last one that I am going to be able to host here. We really just simply had to much stuff and too many people to fit into the living room that we are going to have to go hunting for a larger location. Above here, is a selection of acessories that were available on the day, socks, headbows, bangles, wristcuffs, eyelashes, watches, plush, boot toppers, necklaces, clips, hats and a whole lot more!

With the group getting larger each time, group photos are also getting harder to take! We had to move all theSM9a furniture around to get a shot of everyone in it. We always take a million photos, as trying to get a group this large all smiling at the same time is very difficult. Usually we get some nice photos in before mucking around, eg lolita animal poses! Note that by default everyone goes into bunny or neko, neko kitty mode…… that is except for Carrie (middle with the blonde hair) who is being a crocadile! Got to give her points for originality, I expect nothing less from our resident lolita mermaid.

You are not able to see, but all the girls down in front are sitting on adorable little red mushrooms left over from my Mario-kart inspired birthday party.

With each new lolita event that we have, we are getting more and more new faces. its got to a stage where we are


doing introductions nearly every single time. Its nice to pick out something random to share with the group and hear from the new girls, I mist admit though, that somethings it feels like you are at a AA meeting! Here I think I put Bridget on the spot by taking a photograph of her during her introduction.


With all the stuff, we were running out of room, so the stairs became the shoe store. Marie thankfully lended us her industrial clothing racks ( as mine dont really cut it anymore for this amount of clothing)


We had two competitions on the day, a lucky door prize and a sale/trade raffle. Everytime somebody made a sale or trade their name was entered into a bowl for the raffle. One day in Paradise very kindly donated a gift card for the lucky door prize and another which was entered into the basket that I had made up for the raffle.


From the left, Alycia in a very cute cupcake OP which I believe that she made herself! Ashleith rocking gothic lolita in a mainly black and white coordinate. Beverley does sweet lolita mixing a mint Angelic Pretty Chocolate Chess JSK and pink wig. I love the little ribbons that she has down the front curls. Bridget looks absolutely lovely in her Alice and the Pirates Ivory Gloria skirt and blouse. I really like how she has used a belt to cinch in the waist to make it more flattering and matched the cute peep toe heels.


Carrie who looks every part the summer lolita in a pink Angelic Pretty JSK and cute as pie blonde wig. Cheryl always looks smooth and calm in Innocent World despite the weather. In an attempt to convince myself that is not that hot, I went for a dark blue chiffon Angelic Pretty Toy Drops OP. Dalestair brings out the florals in a Rose melody JSK.

SM3Georgina keeps things simple in a white blouse and cool mint Bodyline skirt. Kairii is rocking her Angelic Pretty Strawberry Jam OP right down to the tips of her toes. Kat is our statuesque Gothic lolita, she looks great in her Alice and the Pirates Grimoire of the moonlight forest skirt. Kelly looks lovely in a Alice and the Pirates Stained Glass Angel Long JSK.


Kendelle is wearing a Metamorphose Jewel Butterfly skirt in a black coordinate. Marian in pretty pastels is wearing a Emily Temple Cute cutsew and a Baby the stars Shine Bright L’oiseau Bleu Skirt. Marie is wearing Alice and the Pirates Rose Marine Print JSK and a cute matching sailor hat. Monique is wearing a local designers recent release We’re All Mad Here, Zombie Carnival.


Nadia sporting the cute little fashion pose is wearing Angelic Prettys Wonder Party skirt in pink. Nicole is in a Bodyline blue skirt. Rachel and Tara both sporting Gothic lolita in black, white and dark blue.SM6

Thali looks lovely in a classic, sweet coordinate, Alice and thePirates Alice Print II Skirt. Tamara didnt want her corrdinate picture posted, but I had to post this one because its so darn adorable. She is modelling Kellys Baby the Stars Shine Bright Gloomy Bear apron and cap XD. Georgina already had her coordinate posted but this was a out-take shot of Marian photobombing!!

SM8Last of all my lolita booty for the day! I got a Atelier Pierrot black blouse, Sheer blue Angelic Pretty Socks, black wristcuffs, gold pony ring and blue BTSSB plush bear from Kelly. A pink Emily Temple Cute cutsew from Marian. A Innocent World blouse and naby bustier from Cheryl and some cute Doki Doki jewellery and sparkly bow clip from Bridget. A mighty haul!


If you want to see other pictures from the meet up, please check them out on Marie’s blog here.


♥ Alyssium♥


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