Purple rain

LAV_1Chris and I were driving though the city to visit my family, when we decided to take a different way then we usually do. On the way, we drove through a suburb that looked like it was raining purple. The purple rain turned out to be petals from hundreds of Jacaranda trees. It was a beautiful wash of colour so we decided to come back on the weekend to have some pictures done. I wanted to pick something light and colourful to go with the flowers so I decided to wear We’re All Mad Heres’s Sugary Bones.


I love the pastel mix of mint, pink and lavender. It turned out to be quite a windy day, so my fringe wouldnt stay put!

 We walked around and some photos in a couple of the streets. As you can see the purple petals were blanketing the paths and streets with purple!


 All the details, Coordinate:
Headbow, pink jewelled bow clip and JSK by We’re All Mad here
Pink Blouse by Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Pony bag, bracelets, rings and teaparties by Angelic Pretty
White Bow clip and necklace by Atelier Shokura.


♥ Alyssium♥


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