Japan again, Last Day

Sadly it was the last day of my whirlwind trip to Japan. Victor and Belle both decided to sleep in, so I decided to go for a ride to Asakusa. 


I don’t remember the last time out riding, but likely for me the weather was nice (but brisk) and I didn’t fall over or cause any accidents on my way there. I always enjoy a visit to Asakusa, the food is great and its a nice place to pick up souvenirs and gifts to bring home.


I pigged out on anything that I could find that didnt look like it had seafood in it. Chocolate dipped strawberries, chicken skewers, Taiyaki and a curry pocket, YUM! After picking up a couple of presents I rode back to the hotel to meet Belle and Victor.


On our way out we found a KitKat shop. I picked up some interesting flavours and got a rare photo of Victor inside.


I really wanted to be able to visit the new Pokemon center so I squeezed it into the very last day of my trip. Thankfully I had a little money left and most of it was spent here!


I always take my DS with me to Japan as I rack up the Mii encounters,  I hit 3000 people when I got to the Pokemon center, nice timing!


For my last day I decided to rewear Alice and the Pirates Midsummers Night Dream. I didn’t have to wear a coat because it was a little warmer today.


And so with that, I conclude my trip to Japan!

♥ Alyssium♥


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