Japan again, Day 5

Today Belle and I were excited to be attending the Angelic Pretty Princess Dreamy Carnival Tea Party with Jamie aka Tokyo Pirates. We had managed to line up our visit so that we were able to attend the event. This was my second time attending a Angelic Pretty Tea Party and I definitely was not disappointed!


I had decided to wear Angelic Pretty Cinema Doll and brought it with me on the trip. Jamie and Belle both picked up the current print, Chocolate Quartet to wear on the night.


The event was being held at the Westin Tokyo Galaxy Ballroom in Ebisu, Toyko. Belle and I spent the afternoon getting ready, leaving plenty of time to get there, but somehow , we were still running late.  By the time we reached the hotel everyone had already gone in and were seated. We were really lucky that Jamie saved us seats so that we were still sitting together.  The rest of the table were made up of  some lovely Japanese Lolita’s, who happily took lots of pictures with us.

Shortly after we sat down we had even further bad luck with my camera, running our of battery. Then my phone went flat, followed by Belles as well as Jamies’! The only camera we had left was Jamie’s ipad, as it was the only camera we had,  the resolution was not excellent so you will have to forgive me for the quality of the pictures!


The venue was perfect for a teaparty, the hotel was grand, plush and perfectly dressed up for the holiday season so it felt like we all fit perfectly in.



The food was also lovely and we were served three courses, with a cake for the table at the end. While I didn’t eat my entree (as it was seafood) the main course and dessert was delicious.


In between courses the main event was the fashion show and we got a chance to see what was coming out in the next season. Unfortunately we were not able to take pictures, but shortly after the event some photos and a video of the show was loaded online.

As attendees of the event we were given the opportunity to preorder two up and coming prints, a Imai Kira collaboration, Perfume Wonderland and Milky Cross.

While both prints were very nice, neither were really my style, so my wallet was safe for the evening!


Towards the end of the event, we were rounded up for group pictures. It’s really hard to see but Belle is second from the left in the back row and peaking out at the very back are Jamie and I in the middle.

We were also asked to select a best dressed and there were also lucky door prizes. It started off with some huge prizes and rounded up with everyone getting at least a small pack which consisted off a postcard and tote. While I only got a small pack towards the very end, I was still super chuffed with the Tea party gifts which were a plate, teapot and mug, along with some Angelic Pretty designed macarons!

When the event wrapped up, everyone head out into the foyer to take pictures and we were lucky to say hello and get a picture with Asuka, one of the Angelic Pretty designers.


The hotel was so lovely dressed up for Christmas that we couldn’t resist taking pictures with all the decorations. The main foyer had a giant Christmas tree with a train set and mini village at the base which was adorable.


Lastly to top off a wonderful night, we walked over to the nearby Yebisu Garden Place to check out the light and Christmas decorations.


If you are thinking of going to Japan in Nov/Dec definitely try and line up your trip with an Angelic Pretty Teaparty. Its an amazing experience in a perfect location and you get to share it with such a large group of well dressed lolitas and designers.


♥ Alyssium♥


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