Japan again, Day 6

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, There’ll be much mistltoeing, And hearts will be glowing, When Disney is near……! Christmas time at Disney Sea, what a time of year to be visiting, everything is decked out including the Resort Gateway station on the way to Disney Sea. It really is hard not to get into the festive mood. 


Belle and I have been planning on twinning to Disney for as long as I can remember. Our intended twin dress was Alice and the Pirates Midsummers dream. The funny thing was that, because it was so cold, all we took photos of, were our coats!

The first thing when you step into the gates at Disney sea is the huge water globe at the entrance. Walking around you start to see all the shops at christmas decorations.

Our first stop off was at the shops to pick up some headwear (quintessential for a Disney trip right?) I found some really cute things that I liked, but ended up going with an Maleficent hat. I though the colours suited my outfit.


One of my favourite rides (for selfies not excitement) is the Aladdin double storey carousel. As it was cold and rainy, the park wasnt busy and the line ups were very small, lucky us!!


My favourite ride of both Disney and Disney Sea is, Journey to the center of the Earth. The ride does down and through the volcano, if you are wondering where the park screams are coming from, it’s here!


Another place I love to go is Ariels Grotto. Outside it’s very pastel and cute but then you go down the long ramp under the sea! Its very dark and surreal down here.


We had lunch down here, I had a pizza and chips. Afterwards we had a shop inside a giant whale. The store was stocked out to please any little Disney Princess.

We went around the rest of the park and took lots more pictures with the Christmas ornaments.


When it was time to go, we went around to our favourite shops and picked up all the tings that we had spotted and didn’t want to haul around the park. I always wanted a balloon and had never bought one, so I also grabbed one on the way out.


So worn out from a full day of walking, remember to pick good  shoes if you plan on going! We had a great time and I sure I’m going to sleep well tonight!

♥ Alyssium♥


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