Japan Day 12

Main_smWhile we were in Japan I had seen someone posting that there was going to be a Harajuku fashion walk, and it happened to fall on a day while we were in Tokyo. We decided to alter our plans and ended up back in Harajuku on the weekend….. people as far as the eye can see!


The Fashion walk started at 2pm at the Takeshita Dori Exit of the JR station. We head in early and had a look around before wandering over just before 2. We were not exactly sure what we were looking for, but while we waited a very colourful bunch of people started to mass at the station exit. When the line took off we jumped on board and followed it as it looped through Harauku.


If you would like to see more photos with all the participants, you can find them at Japanese Streets, a Fashion Blog written by Kjeld Duits. You can spot me in one of his pictures taken just outside of Laforet.

walk6We spotted Japanese Shironuri Artist Minori midway though the walk.

walk9As we were making our way back on to Takeshita dori we came across another walk. A group of Lolitas were advertising Mason de Juliette, a shop in

Maison de Julietta_sm

Laforet where you could get dressed and photographed in lolita. They were giving out flyers In English and Japanese.

About Maison De Julietta. Maison de Juliette as “Lolita special salon”, is only place where everyone can become and leave the memory of Lolita in harajuku. We produce that is high quality experience which using olita dress from famous bland which representing Japan [BABY, THE STAR SHINE BRIGHT] [Angelic Pretty] [Metamophose temps de fille] and also produce beauty makeup and take picture by professional staff and our studio. You can click on the image for a larger view.

We knew we were going to be busy on the last couple of days, so while we had some spare time we decided to head back over Shinjuku to grab the items that we wanted to get before we left. I had been umming and ahhing over Baby the Stars Shine Bright Kuma Kumya’s Sweet chocolate series and seeing as though I already had Kuma Kumya at home I decided to grab it. I had also finished my Angelic Pretty points card, so I browsed in store and picked up another 3/4 sleeve blouse.


On the way down we popped into the shoe store. I really hadn’t intended to buy anything there, but I spotted a really cute pair of patent tbar shoes and ended up walking out wearing them. For our last shop of the evening we split up, Sharon and Sarah head over to Algonquins and Leticia and I head over for one last stop at Closet-child. By this stage my budget was well and truly blown, however I saw another Emily Temple Cute bag (Two in one week, how lucky am I!!) and really couldn’t leave it behind. There was still so many things I wanted to buy, but I’m not sure that my credit card could take much more!

We head back home as it was time to move onto a new place in Ueno, for some reason the dates got mixed up and we had to move a day early, so it was a bit of a rush. Once we had settled in we went for a wander to grab dinner. As we were walking down the street we all caught the wiff  of BBQ meat and Sharon pointed out a Yaki niku place that was right around the corner from where we were staying. Yakiniku

The meal was delicious! We splashed out and ordered heaps of meat and veges! Afterwards we got icecream bites, we were arguing over the flavour, I swear it was corn flavoured! We were definitely coming back here again!


♥ Alyssium♥


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