Japan Day 13

Disney_smAnother Disney day, YAY! This time it was Disney Sea, my favourite of the two parks. This time around we had decided to don our Black Milk for the day. I was wearing Mermaid legs, Sarah was in Chewie and Han legs and Sharon was wearing Queen of Hearts legs.Train_2

We arrived at Maihama station just like with Disney, but you catch an extra Disney line to Disney Sea as it is at the other side of the park. The train is really cute, it has Mickey shaped handles and windows. Along the way you get a great view of the Disney Park and the hotels that going around the outskirts.

Disney1The first thing you see when you get into Disney Sea is the huge globe rotating in the middle of a large fountain. As with Disney there were Disney Characters everywhere having their pictures taken with people. Right after the globe was the huge 30th Anniversary display where we had our picture taken by the Disney staff. Soon after you reach Mediterranean Harbour, which is themed in a Venetian style city, a large proportion of the shops are here.

Disney2We each picked out our Disney head wear for the day and the funny photos began! We head right and made a bee line towards Mermaid Lagoon. We passed through Mysterious Island on our way, which housed the 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and Journey to the centre of the earth, however those were for later!

Disney3Mermaid Lagoon is heaven for any Little Mermaid fan. Everything was dressed for Christmas, they even had a coral tree with pearl decorations! I felt quite at home here in my Black Milk mermaid leggings (even though I refer to them as my dragon scales)

Disney4You go from daylight into murky blue darkness when you enter Triton’s kingdom. It totally feels like you are entering another world! When you get closer to the bottom and your eyes adjust you start to see all the pretty lights and details of the underwater world.


All the rides are super cute down here, Whirlpool cups, Jumping Jellyfish and the Blowfish Balloon race. We had lunch here and enjoyed the scenery for awhile.

Disney6There were two gift shops in here, one was inside a lady whale ( I assume it was a lady whale because of the super long lashes and the fact that it looked like it was wearing lipstick) and the other was in a grotto called Kiss De Girl Fashion which I thought was absolutely adorable! We said goodbye to Mermaid Lagoon and head towards the Arabian coast. While we were inside the weather had decided to change and we could see storm clouds starting to get dark.

Disney7Aladdin is one of my favourite Disney movies, so I love this part of the park. Sharon does her best Genie fountain impression!

Disney8What is better than a carousel? An Aladdin themed two storey carousel!!

Disney9We stopped at Casbah food court for some dessert (our sugar levels were starting to run low) and I picked up a really yummy mango dessert thing (again not sure exactly what it was, but it tasted really good!)

Disney10Our last stop of on the Arabian Coast was Jasmines Magic Carpet ride. I don’t remember this ride being here last time, so I think it was new. Next stop was the Lost River Delta.

Disney11Even though it wasn’t all that late yet, it was starting to get pretty dark, so these are the last of the pictures that I took.  These were the sculptures leading up to the Indiana Jones ride. We did a Black Milk, Charlie’s Angels at the Temple of the


Crystal Skull, because, well why not?

Sharon and I had both been on the Indiana Jones ride, so we knew when the camera was going to take the shot! Sarah and Leticia didn’t get my cue to smile!

Afterwards we head back into the Mysterious Island for the rides that we had passed on the way in. I had never actually gotten around to going on the Journey to the centre of the earth, as usually by that time I was too buggered to do any more rides. I was really happy this time that we stuck it out as it turned out to be my favourite ride in the park. I had always wondered where all the screams in the park had come from, as most of the rides are not really crazy enough for that, however once being on this ride I knew why. Most of the ride is a fairly slow showing you the main scenes from the story. For most of this you are made to think you are very deep underground. The ride then goes pretty dark and then speeds up and launches you out the top of the mountain, enough time for your screams to be heard by anyone outside surrounding the mountain which is in the middle of the park. Next time I go to Disney Sea, I will begin here so that I have enough time to do it a couple of times!


♥ Alyssium♥


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