Japan Day 6

Yesterday after we finished our Maiko shots we spent the afternoon wandering around the main shopping strips in Kyoto. It was our last afternoon in Kyoto so we wanted to be able to pick up any last minute things that we had not been able to pick up before hand.
Kyoto_WMEven though we had spent the last week in Kyoto, we had spent most of that time taking Shinkansens to nearby cities and although we had got to see quite a bit, I do regret not spending more time here.

This is a map of  a couple of stores that we made it to. ETC and Milk have moved since I was last here, and we spent quite a while walking up and down the streets wondering where it had gone. The main reason I missed it was, that I was looking for the candy striped blind that used to be out the front. It is now located on the first floor above Café Boléro (somewhat funny!) We had a quick peek, but there were not any releases or prints that I was excited this time around which was a little disappointing.

There was not a whole lot in BTSSB or Metamorphose either. I think the main reason I did not get anything was that after our marathon shop in Osaka and Nagoya the last couple of days, everything in store seemed really expensive in comparison.

If you are more in the market for souvenirs or a Kimono (with a cheaper price tag) then I can recommend Chicago. I found this store chain on my first trip to Japan years ago in Harajuku. My last trip to Kyoto I got a gorgeous Furisode that now hangs on my wall at home. This trip I was determined to get all the other pieces that you need to wear a Kimono properly and I was happy to pick up most of the items here. The second floor of the store has a huge range of second hand Kimono, Obi and various other accessories.

shops2Kyoto Olympia is located about half way down Termachi dori so if you are looking for Pura Kura or Gatcha machine, here is the place to find them. There was a really nice Crepe place not too far from here where we stopped and had a snack. On our way out we stopped at Pink Latte, which is a store in a bright pink train car. Here you will find a whole range of Kawaii cosmetics and accessories. That had a great range of nail polish and accessories.

floordrobe2We were certainly sad to say goodbye to Kyoto and the little house that we were staying in. Even worse was the pack up effort we had to get everything that we had bought, into our suitcases to head back to Tokyo. Here is what the contents of my suitcase and my shopping haul looked like on our bedroom floor before we had packed up to leave. The small moments when I regret buying so much…. if only for a brief moment.

1450701_10201429950723623_970767210_n Here is the after picture while were were taking a break at the station. Only three of the eigth bags are mine, if you count my backpack.
SnackAny sort of long travel within Japan is done on Shinkansens and not cars or planes. If you have travelled on one yourself you would know why. Even though you have to haul and stow your own luggage, the cars themselves are more spacious, the scenery alot better and I love the little cart and stewardess that comes along and offers you snacks. On our way back I bought some coke, Pringles and a small tub of ice cream!

The view on the way back was amazing as the weather turned out beautiful. It was a real shame to be travelling on such a nice day like this, but we did at least get a great view on the way back to Tokyo. I got a picture of Mount Fuji, the one at the top of this post while we were speeding past. It’s the first time I have seen it that clear before. Everyone on the train moved to the left sid,e to see it as we were going past, even some of the Japanese travellers. A lovely lady was nice enough to allow me to sit in her seat so that I was able to get that picture.

donutOnce we hit Tokyo we caught two cabs to our new accommodation in Akihabara. We were not all that keen about dragging all those bags around on a local train! Our new place was really cute and in a great location. It was actually alot closer to the main shopping strip in Akihabara that I expected. Once we had unpacked and relaxed, we set out to grab dinner and a look around. We stopped in a donut shop where they had some super cute character sweets. Leticia picked up this Hello Kitty, I’m not a huge fan of biscuits and cakes (nooo what’s wrong with me! Don’t worry, I more then make up for it in chips and sweets.) but I did take some snaps and watch the others eat.

donkiMost of the stores by then had started to close, but Don Quijote was still open for us to have a browse. Don Quijote, or Donki as its often called is one of my favourite stores in Japan (obviously not including any brand stores, closet-child or Mandarake) it’s at least in my top 10 favourite stores. Donki is a variety store and sells pretty much anything and everything. They have chain stores all over Japan and often the location dictates what it stocks. For example, the Ginza Donki sells expensive jewellery and Chanel bags, along with normal every day items. The Akihabara store is one of the larger ones, spread out of several levels. It sells food, cosmetics, phone goods and gadgets, character goods and costumes and on the top level are arcade machines and Purakura.

I think the girls were just as impressed as I was, the first time I was in the store. We spent the rest of the evening in here looking around. The largest amount of time was spent in cosmetics, Sharon and I were really keen to buy a whole heap to try out while we were there. We were super excited to find the Sailor Moon display selling liquid and pencil eyeliner. The other find for the evening was the Bodyline shoes on the costume level. We had no idea that Donki stocked them, it was a bit random,but then again Donki stocks nearly everything!


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