Valentines 2013

aGroup_smValentines day came so quickly this year! As we seem to be getting more and more girls coming to each event, I decided to book this event at Saldechin a Tea-room in the city that would be able to house all of us, no matter how big we get! I booked it a month early and like with past Valentines day events we organised for there to be a


Valentines gift exchange. Everyone knew ahead of time who they had drawn, so they were able to personalize presents if they wished. It was also a secret gift exchange which meant that the girls getting the gifts did not know who they were coming from!


Saldechin  is a lovely place to go have tea or eat. It has been situated in one of the old buildings in the city so it has very nice architecture like large ceilings, columns and fixtures. The furniture inside has been picked carefully to match, nice red leather seats and wooden furniture so its quite nice to relax

Outfits10Even though we had a large group of 30 girls we had aa corner of lounges to ourselves and plenty of room! Each of the little tables had little leather stoolsin addition to the lounges which were very comfortable.

Outfits1Alycia in a pretty pink JSK, Aneta wearing a Alice and the Pirates Constellation print skirt with a studded belt and matching clutch. Angela is in a Baby the Stars Shine Bright L’oiseau Bleu skirt and a lace sleeveless blouse. Bridget is wearing a ivory coordinate for her Innocent World Classical Chair skirt. I really love the rose headbows that Angela and Bridget are both wearing!

Outfits2Carrie is in a very Valentines inspired outfit decked out in a pink Angelic Pretty JSK, headbow and boots. Cheryl is lovely in an Innocent world blouse and JSK. I aimed for light and airy and went for a Metamorphose chiffon blouse and Emily Temple Cute Macaron print JSK. Dalestair is wearing a bodyline skirt and matching bonnet.


Emma looks in perfect summer mode with her Angelic Pretty Strawberry Parlour OP, matching headbow and cute strawberry cuffs. Georgina went with a very pretty floral Bodyline OP. Kelly looks lovely and cool in Angelic Pretty Milky Planet OP and matching headbow. Topped off with a lavender wig and Vitae wristcuffs. Kairii kept it simple in a Baby the stars shine Bright Princess Ribbon drop JSK in black.

Outfits4Kelly the birthday girl in white (selfmade i believe) OP. Kendelle wearing a pink JSK. Lauren is wearing a Metamorphose The forest story JSK matched up with a chocolate cardigan,  red ribbon and beret. I love the colours she used in her outfit! Marian in a Innocent World (?) OP.


Marie looking every bit the Baby the Stars Shine Bright poster girl in Usakumyas sweet mate JSK, bonnet and BTSSB gold staff (this is awesomeness right here) Nicole in a gothic lolita ensemble skirt and hat. Sarah in a lavender OP. Sharni is wearing a Innocent World Antique Buckle skirt.


Stefani trying out Kodona for the afternoon. Tara wearing a red OP over a black skirt, i think the colour suits her really well! As it was Kelly’s birthday we snuck her a chocolate mini mudcake and sang her happy birthday. After we had all eaten we pulled out the gifts and started to share them out. Kendelle poses with her Valentines gift!

Outfits7Bridget looking very happy with her adorable Hello Kitty in a bunny outfit! I got a super sweet LOVE wooden word ornament (it went straight into the lolita bookcase) Emma received lots of chocolate and Marie couldn’t be happier with her gift, see more pics on her blog here. Lots of love in the air for the Adelaide Valentines Day meet!


♥ Alyssium♥


And lastly some Purakura!




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