Australian Lolitas’ Easter Coordinates

Our next event is, Easter coordinate time, it’s that one time of year where we can legitimately wear bunny ears! Ill be looking for Easter, chocolate and bunny themed outfits. If you don’t have an easter print that’s fine, having real bunnies, plush bunnies, chocolate Easter eggs or even just chocolate in your photo all will count as well. 

Coord1Alanah starts in Angelic Pretty Chocolate Chess, which she wore to the Easter scavenger hunt that was held in Sydney over the weekend! Its a coordinate that represented her diet over the past two weeks over the Easter break! Alycia’s outfit is from last years Easter event, Innocent World’s Viennese Waltz Frill JSK with cute Lindt bunny ears (yum!) Angela has also picked an outfit from last years Easter Event, Baroque’s baroque missing keys and rabbit jsk, with a BTSSB biscuit bag and black lace bunny ears. This year I choose to wear Angelic Pretty’s Marshmallow Bunny with super fluffy bunny ears made be ERGI.

Coord2Cecilia killed two birds with one stone by combining her event picture with an art project. She is wearing Bodyline’s Cinderella Bunny JSK. Clara snapped a super cute photo of her and her daughter twinning! She is wearing Angelic Pretty’s Dreamy Dollhouse and a ERGI buuny hood. Georgina offers chocolate with her Angelic Pretty Chocolate Chess coordinate. Hannah was not able to make any Easter meets but she still put together this rocking outfit with chocolate, the skirt is from Retrolicious, Good Afternoon Tea.

Coord3Hannah is wearing Angelic Pretty’s Glass Bottle of Tears Apron skirt for the Brisbane Easter picnic. Jayme snapper her coordinate shot before heading to the Adelaide Easter event. The skirt she is wearing is a replica of Angelic Prettys Happy Garden. Jayne captures sweet and Classic for the Tasmanian lolita Easter meet up. She wears Innocent Worlds chocolate teddybear JSK. Kirstie also attended the Tasmanian Easter event in Angelic Pretty’s Sweet Cream House JSK, she completes the Easter look with a chocolate shoulder bag and bunny ears.

Coord4Lindzi looks lovely and sweet in Angelic Pretty’s Cherry Berry Bunny toting an super cute Dreamy Chick-chan plush bag. Mauli channels adorable with her tumbling ringlets and pink and white fuzzy bunny eared jacket. May cuddles up to cute bunny plush wearing Infanta’s Letters from Paris skirt. Nadia shares with us the chocolate she scored at the Adelaide Easter meet up wearing an Angelic Pretty Strawberry Jam skirt.


Oliva went with pastel marshmallow ponies (in absence of chocolate) with Angelic Pretty’s Sugary Carnival. Tamara matches her Angelic Pretty Wonder Trip tarten JSK with her black and hot pink bunny ears made by local brand Vitae.  Teagan looks pretty in pink with her BTSSB parasol, Dear celine JSK and Angelic Pretty Lyrical Bunny plush. Victoria, one of our new lolitas posts her first picture wearing offbrand items and some delicious chocolate eggs.

Coord8Britt Shares some pictures of her coordinate for the Easter Adelaide meet up and pops in a picture of her and Alycia twinning Usakumya pochettes. She is wearing Metamorphose Candy Star Rabbit JSK. Charelle takes a photo of her Easter coordinate wearing an Innocent World Chelsea skirt and cute Japanese bunny charm.

Coord9Katie sports a super cute Angelic Pretty Misty Sky Salopette matched with some amazing Irregular Choice Flopsy wedgesy shoes! Laura looks absolutely lovely in her spring inspired floral outfit. She discovered that she didnt have any bunnies in her wardrobe, but the detailing of the birds and eggs in her bonnet more than make up for it!

Coord10Kiyu is the winner of our coordinate competition for managing to have so many bunnies in the shot! She is wearing Angelic Pretty’s Happy Garden, with an ERGi bunny hood and cute pom poms on her shoes. She carries an Baby the Stars Shine Bright Usakumya in one photo and a real bunny in the other! Dana didnt think she was very easter relevant posting her Gothic outfit from Bodyline, but I spy the bunny chocolate in her hand that says otherwise! Lucey looks lovely in her Cupcake and Chocolate Emily Temple cute JSK, chocolate beret, cardigan and tights.

Coord11Marzy looks wonderful in her Angelic Pretty Glass Bottle of Tears OP. Extra points for the bunny ears and modifications to her shoes! Olivia is heat to tow in Angelic Pretty Chocolate Chess goodness! With some extra chocolate eggs and bunnies to boot! Simone looks perfect and festive in her Angelic Pretty Marshmallow Bunny OP and accessories in pink.

Coord6And rounding our coordinates up with some flat lays! Adelle puts together a delicous minty melty chocolate Outfit. Beck has a lovely pastel lemon and mint outfit with bears, bunnies and chocolate. Elly puts together and mint and lavender (all the mint, i ♥ it!) floral arrangement. Sally owns (much to the envy of many lolitas) the Peter Rabbit JSK that was only available to purchase in Japan! It looks perfect here, matched with white.

Coord7Kendelle puts together strawberries and chocolates in this White Moon skirt coordinate (the next best thing after mint and chocolate)  Stacey has put down an Innocent World Viennese Waltz Frill JSK with a Pigrabbit bag XD (Its prettycute!) Zoe has coordinated a gorgeous Peter Rabbit inspired outfit, everything is vintage and offbrand and looks like it could have worn by Beatrix Potter herself! Last of all Narelle wraps up our event with a sweet handmade outfit with hearts and bunnies!


We pulled out all the chocolate and bunny prints for this event, well done everyone!

♥ Alyssium♥

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