Australian Lolitas’ Valentine Exchange

15It’s the month of love and we have so many lovely Lolitas in the Australian community, what better way to get to know each other and spread the loli love ♥9

Cards can be bought or handmade, but there is a lot more love and thought that go into handmade cards!
Once you have been given your valentine, please take a moment to view the photo on the group and try to take their style into consideration if you can.

For example don’t send a black gothic card to a sweet lolita! You are welcome to ask your valentines for tips for this but the valentine can also be secret if you wish.


We are very lucky to have some amazing artists in the Australian Lolita community! Here are some amazing hand drawn lolitas from the exchange. The first one is done by one of the artists from the Indie brand Peppermint Fox.

2It is lovely to see such how artists interpret and draw lolitas in their own style. Sweet, gothic and picking up when you Valentine is also a active cosplayer.

3It is extra special when people take the effort to get to know you and personalise cards to your favourite prints or include you in the artwork.

16Or take the time to get to know you and share something that one of you might like.


4Not only do we have some amazing artists, but we also have some really creative crafty lolitas. Incorporating lace paper doilies, embroidery and sewing to make unique valentines cards.


There was also more traditional forms of Valentines crafts. Romance in paris, sweet hearts and roses in lolita and sparkly stickers and lace.

10Hearts are always the popular choice! Heart balloons, heart shaped cards and heart shaped pop upcraft.


11Heart shaped letters with chibi heart faces, heart cards and a pop up heart, “Be my Lol-entine”
17Kiki from Ghiblis movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service” popped up a couple of times. How can you go past the sweet heart shaped candy with just as sweet lines.

5We also have other lolitas skilled in the art of poetry. A timeless Valentines gift to another.


6Some lolitas like to share gifts with Valentines, pearls, bows and handkerchiefs.


12Others choose to share pins, hair clips and stickers.


7With lolitas, you can always guarantee that bows are a pretty safe bet ♥
8But then again chocolate, sweets and jewellery are the key to any girls heart!


It’s always super sweet to share the Lolita love on Valentines Day!

♥ Alyssium♥


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