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HeaderWOOOOO Im going to throw a wardrobe party!!! Its taken me a year to finish, mainly because flo takes so long to dress/redress and I kept on buying and selling things. So finally this is an up to date list of all the things that are currently in my wardrobe. Its been fun to create the coordinates and see how my tastes have changed (or not changed over this time) I hope you enjoy perusing though my collection! Continue reading…


Its that time again, roughly every three months we hold a community swap and trade meet. Any local lolita busisnesses and individuals are able to bring along their items to sell or trade with the rest Continue reading…

LAV_1Chris and I were driving though the city to visit my family, when we decided to take a different way then we usually do. On the way, we drove through a suburb that looked like it was raining purple. The purple rain turned out to be petals from hundreds of Jacaranda trees. It was a beautiful wash of colour so we decided Continue reading…


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