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Do you have a print that you love so much that you own it in multiple colours?
Couldn’t decided which colour you like, so bought more than one?
Over the years have you owned multiple colourways?
Perhaps are you notorious for selling a dress, only to buy it back again?
This month please share with us your wardrobes if you own multiple colourways, entire series, or perhaps every item released in a set?
Have you instead collected them (and sold) multiple colours over the years? Maybe a collage of sets you once had? Continue reading…

June 5th is our first International Lolita day for the year and a time where we get together and celebrate being lolitas. As an Australian Lolita group, we have members in many states and cities and sometimes its easy to forget how many we have here. This month I would like to take a moment for us to share each of our communities, how we celebrate ILD individually or as a group.
Pictures posted can be either of yourself or of your community for either ILD meet or any meet held in June.

Continue reading…

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