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This year, the Adelaide Lolita Community was involved in Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. We’ll hosted the ‘Heartful Doll Ribbon Tea Party’ on Sunday the 26th May 2013 to help raise funds for cancer research and support. We asked the local lolitas to have a heart and support this worthy cause by making a donation either online or at the tea party. ♥ Continue reading…


This catalogue seemed to be put out a little late this year, most of the items in it have now been released and since sold out. It may have been better to release it a little earlier so that people could save and plan for their next purchases. Continue reading…

The sequel to the popular Easter Card exchange! There are still couple of things that need to be sorted out with the card exchanges to make it fair to everyone. In the meantime we have a photo event to share. To participate you need access to a camera, a lolita outfit and the internet. Each partner will take one half of the heart photograph for them to be put together. Continue reading…


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