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As this is a lolita blog, I dont often mention my work very much. For those that are curious my official work title is Mechanical Solutions Engineer, which is another one of those titles that doesn’t reveal very much about what I actually do. Continue reading…


The next instalment after the hearts photo shoot! International Lolita day is coming up so its an opportunity for us to all share and celebrate our community. Continue reading…


International Lolita day is a tradition that started back in 2005  on a Yahoo group and then onto the EGL community on livejoural by a user kittyhot. It all started off with this post:  Continue reading…


AVCon is Adelaide’s premier Anime and Video Games Convention. It is a non-for-profit event organised and run by a dedicated group of volunteers, known as Team AVCon. Founded in 2001, the convention has been held annually since 2002.

This years Avcon theme is School Days 2013! So in traditional AVCon style they had a party in the lead up and held a Prom /Formal / School Dance! Continue reading…


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