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CC_1-1We had some lovely lolitas from Sydney visit Adelaide to go to a event at the festival center, Final Fantasy with the Symphony Orchestra. While they were over we decided to have a special meet up. We knew that they had Chocolate Chess items and we had been wanting to go strawberry picking for awhile, so we had a Continue reading…

MP1I got an interesting email the other day that prompted a quick photo shoot. Tamara has recently been collecting all the Milky Planets so we organised to have some pictures done with Marie. Can’t say too much about the shots yet, but will update if something happens ♥ Continue reading…

MCP_sm_1After the One day in Paradise opening, we decided to have a Picnic while Marie was still over. We were very lucky and got a beautiful day and a great turn out. For a change of scenery we head down to the banks of the Torrens near the Adelaide Zoo. You will see alot of us are wearing ankle socks, the weather is starting to warm up in Australia!
To make this picnic a little different we changed the theme to “Lolita Masterchef”, so it gave everyone a reason to get busy in the kitchen. Continue reading…


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