Multiple Colourway Club

Do you have a print that you love so much that you own it in multiple colours?
Couldn’t decided which colour you like, so bought more than one?
Over the years have you owned multiple colourways?
Perhaps are you notorious for selling a dress, only to buy it back again?
This month please share with us your wardrobes if you own multiple colourways, entire series, or perhaps every item released in a set?
Have you instead collected them (and sold) multiple colours over the years? Maybe a collage of sets you once had?


Faye – This is my prompt! I own multiple colourways of the same prints all the time that it’s a problem 😅 This one is BTSSB’s Secret Garden the Rose Has a Secret Scent. I have two of the Elise JSK and Rosette JSK.


Another print that I consider a dream dress, BTSSB Fairy Topialium ~ Promise in the Forest of Trifolium in the JSK and OP. I’m hoping to one day get the sax colourway too, just to complete a proper trio but it always shows up in turquoise or I have something else I want that day 😥


Lynette – I have the midnight blue and ivory colourway of King Eleven’s “Demon King of the Universe”. I saw them both going up for sale and I couldn’t decide on which colourway I liked the most, so I just bought the both of them! I am still yet to wear the ivory one out, but I love how different the vibe is in alternative colours.


Serena – This one is definitely for me. I own mulitple cuts and colourways of Holy Lantern. So far I have 7 and the final one I want is the high waist jsk in pink.

OP: black, pink and wine

skirt: wine

double zip jsk: black and orange

high waist jsk: lavender


Renee – I couldn’t pick a colour for this release 🙂


Kayla – It took me a long time to warm up to HL, at first I actually didn’t like it. I really want the orange too, I’ll be honest! What a pretty print, despite the fact its SO overdone at this point 😅

I haven’t worn my lav one in forever, the higher cut takes a special kind of confidence ahaha


This is a handmade jsk, I liked it so much I made it again with a much nicer cotton, and white lace for an oldschool vibe!

Note: the skirts were cut differently, b+w having less fullness to reflect oldschool styles better.

Remaking the same dress twice was actually a really interesting process. I improved so much between sewing these both, I really got to see that.


Marzy *cracks knuckles* my time to shine…. (our resident Alice print collector!!)

Dressed a friend and myself in my two colourways of Metamorphose Card Playing Kitty/Wonder Card


Oop! I suck at remembering to take full body shots for the most part so these are both throwbacks, I own both colourways of Dream Together by AP


Also a sucker for Wonder titled prints, heres my three colourways of Wonder Cookie


Two colourways of Wonder Party, also owning the sax in two cuts


I love this BTSSB Alices Doll House and have it in two colours


Corrina – Part of my job sometimes involves prescribing specialised, custom wheelchairs so when dolly hospital was released and had wheelchairs in the print I couldn’t resist getting both colourways!


Bree – I went through 2.5 years of photos to bring you 6 of my 7 milky Swan’s! 😂 it’s my favourite AP print!! The only one missing is my mint colourway which was also my first brand dress ❤️


Nikarra – I own both the Ivory and Carrot colourway of LIEF’s Gardenberries jsk (the bib cut version). And…. I just found the Black colourway in my size for cheap, so I now own all 3 colourways for this release and I’m so excited! I’ve been looking for the Black colourway for literally like 5 years heehee!


I forgot about these but I made two OPS in different colourways of the same print, I’m working on an Ouji Salopette in the blue colourway and have a pink version of the fabric to make a JSK.


Neko Nat – 🍓🎀 Angelic Pretty ~ Sweet Jam.. in black and yellow (recent get, then regretting selling ofcourse!) I recently saw it in red, no doubt the hunt shall begin for that! 😅❣

** I have been looking for my other photo I had of another Ap dress I had in multiple colourways ~ but I can’t find it!

I loved the yellow colourway of this, but I have too many strawberry prints at the moment! So if I ever find it again, it’ll definitely be the red!! ❤


Emily – Fruits Parlor is one of my dream dresses, so I had to get it in my favourite colour! I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy the Bodyline skirt and OP replicas when they came up for sale (shame on me, I know), then I managed to convince a couple of my lolita besties to triplet with me a few years back 🥰


Alyssiumbaby – I was such a great admirer or Metas Kimono style prints but kept on umming and ahhing over which one till they released the Daydreaming goldfish one, still debating if I need the other colourways! The purple one just arrived in the mail ❤


I have a notorious habit of buying and selling this dress. At one time or another I have owned all of the OPs and JSKS in all colourways but pink. I cant locate any of the white ones, but here are some of the others. Holy Night Story is such a classic christmas print!


♥ Alyssium♥

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