Coordinates through the seasons

Spring is in the air, warmer months, now what to wear? Choose a dress or skirt from your wardrobe and show us how to wear it though the year.


This month we challenge you share 4 coordinates. Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn, all with the one item! Outfits can posted as a worn coordinate, floor flat lay or on a mannequin. Past photos can be included as well as new ones. If posting multiple pictures, please combine your pictures into 1 posted image.



So, for the “through the seasons” I decided to co-ordinate Bodyline’s Chocoberry skirt. It is the only lolita skirt I own, but I find it very versatile and have even worn it out casually!
β˜€οΈ Summer
The days tend to be quite hot during an Adelaide summer, so I try not to wear too many layers. For this co-ord I decided to go for a short sleeve blouse, short bobby lace socks and most inportantly a hat! I think it gives the outfit a country feel to it, so I added in some strawberry hairclips for putting hair up in pigtails.
🌸 Spring
When I think spring, I always think of flowers. So I decided to go with adding some pinks to this co-ordinate. Bunnies also remind me of spring, so I added in a little bunny beret to match with my bunny blouse!
🍁 Autumn
Autumn tends to have a mild coolness to it, so with this co-ordinate I decided to add a shawl for the cooling afternoons. When I think about Autumn and the changing leaves I think of burgundy and red, so tried to add a few pops of colour in.
❄ Winter
Winters in Adelaide can get bitterly cold, so having a thick wool coat is a good idea. I’ve added in my powder coat to this co-ord as well as a wool beret to keep my head warm from the cold wind. Darker colours seem to remind me of winter, so I added a black blouse, beret and OTKs.



For this event I wanted to try something I haven’t done before ~ coord a skirt! for those of you who know me.. I’m not real big on skirts so this was pretty fun to try something new and different!
Skirt is a cute ivory x pink ribbon with a very versatile feel. I have no idea what brand it could be! ~ All coords are casually coorded.
🍁Autum: Weather starts getting cool and leaves start turning but I wanted a little pop of colour so I have an ETC fluffy cardigan over the cream long sleeve blouse, fun music print opaque tights, blue Bodyline wedges and offbrand purse and baret. Hair in braids.
❄  Winter: Colder and wet weather require a nice Offbrand deep chocolate bomber jacket, fluffy pom pom baret, caramel short length wig, stockings, Btssb wine long sleeve blouse and boots. Clock bag for a classic touch.
🌸Spring: It’s still cool in spring but I wanted to pop reds with this to spark energy in to the coord. Paired with Alice printed opaque tights, Bodyline heels, Offbrand belt, red cardigan, baret and hair styled with dark chocolate wig and heart bag. A simple coord for spring.
β˜€οΈSummer: I always like chocolate x pink together and summer reminds me of ice cream! It can get really hot so I’ve put this coord with indoor air condition in mind! The chocolate taobao blouse is lightweight chiffon, with the gorgeous kitty tights, swimmer bag, choc heels and a simple bow on an up style bun or cute twin buns.
I think my favourite is Autum and Spring..




Living in Melbourne, a mix of cool and warm elements to combat the constant weather change in a day is a must.
Jsk – Innocent World

🌸 Spring – H&M chiffon, Liz Lisa Shoes
β˜€οΈ Summer – Duchess shirt, kmart bag
🍁 Autumn – Little Dipper shirt, Calze donia socks, Yosuke USA shoes
❄ Winter – Princess Highway Shirt, Uniqlo Socks





Bodyline Strawberry Shortcake skirt
β˜€οΈSummer – white, lightweight blouse and minimal accessories. Would style this with natural hair in a braid/updo
🍁Autumn – cute short boots and a cosy cardigan. Probably would wear an auburn or dark brown wig
❄Winter – rugged up with a warm coat and prepared to face cold and rainy weather. If not wearing the hood up, would have a beanie, ear warmers or a beret
🌸Spring – adding a floral element with the flower headband and flower lace bag. Would either style this with natural hair in twin tails, or a blonde wig
This was definitely a challenge! I chose a piece that I very rarely wear, but really love. I don’t wear it very often because I feel that I don’t have enough red accessories to go with it (I only have two main pieces that have the main colour as red).
However, I do have some more strawberry themed items on order, so maybe once they arrive I’ll feel inspired to wear this skirt more often!


For my coordinates I picked Angelic Pretty’s Honey Cake JSK. It has some strong colours in the border print I which thought would be good to theme the seasons. Summer is a little under done with just the white blouse and white ankle socks (though in reality it is what I would wear if it was very hot) I am tempted to hunt down a yellow blouse perhaps in ginham and give it another go.

β˜€οΈ Summer – Very hot, so I went light weight and white. This meant I could add the much loved pancake bag.

🍁 Autumn –Β  Not quite so cold yet, so a long sleeve blouse and cardigan. I thought a chocolate theme would suit, different colours of brown.

❄ Winter – Our winters are quite mild in comparison to some parts of the world, though I still would want a nice thick coat if I was out an about. I went with red for the warmth.

🌸 Spring – Can be warm, or cold, or rainy, or can be all three in one day. So lightweight, but covered and a sax blue colour theme and bumblebee Kumakumya to the pollenate the flowers.

I really enjoyed this event, Honeycake turned out to be a really versatile print and Im tempted to give this a go with another dress!

β™₯ Alyssiumβ™₯

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