Easter Picnic Meet

Join us in the Botanic garden for fun, sunshine and a gift exchange or easter egg hunt.

This is a great excuse to get out in lolita and…. we have chocolate.

Bring a plate of food to share, a picnic rug and we can have a relaxed picnic and catch up and take some fun photos in our easter attire. So hop to it and bows the perfect time to bust out your cherry berry bunny.


It was a bit of a typical Autumn day, wind bringing the rain clouds and light drizzle, with peaks of sunshine every so often between the clouds. We snagged a comfy dry spot under a hidden rotunda to put down our blankets and lay out our picnic feast. Lynette made some Easter inspired cupcakes, unfortunately I did not have time to prepare (my son had an morning soccer game) so I brought my Easter rooster and a plate full or sweet and savory snacks. Miss Tink made some vegan vegemite scrolls and Corrina cooked some vegan mini Quiche. There were many other lovely snacks including a cheese platter, seaweed crackers, homemade vanilla slice and an entire box of Crispy Creme donuts!


A nice selection of sweet and savory snacks!


When the sun came out, we had an Easter egg hunt organized by Miss Tink and we mucked around with some pictures in the gardens.


Ripley enjoying the picnic with a casual photobomb by Miss Tink in the background!




















Me enjoying my Easter egg haul!






















We were joined by a couple more lolitas, so we snapped another group photo after we finished our snacks.


Some outfit shots of Miss Tink and I, Corrina and another of Miss Tink.


Dress: Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House JSK in caramel

Headwear: Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House Headbow and ERGI Bunnyhood

Blouse: Offbrand ivory lace collar cutsew

Socks: Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House OTKs

Shoes: Angelic Pretty Tea Parties

Accessories : Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream Ginger Bear Necklace, Sweet Cream Ginger Bear Ring, Sweet Cream Gingerbread Ring and Baby the Stars Shine Bright Twinkle Gingham Ribbon Bracelet






♥ Alyssium♥


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