Lazy Sunday afternoon picnic


Jaana organised a picnic at Elder park last sunday as she is going away for university for a little while. It was a really good excuse to meet up as it had been a little while since we had got together. After meeting every EP_1weekend in February, then having next to nothing in March it had felt like awhile since we had an event.
I was wearing Angelic Pretty Toy Fantasy (from my latest transformation post) in an all black coordinate. Jaana is in a sweet baby blue bodyline skirt matched with white. Eden is in her recently finished outfit from her brand We’re All Mad Here, Skullette skirt and pony bag. Looking very pretty in pink is Carrie in Angelic Pretty Decoration Dream. Beverley has punked up her outfit, a cute crop jacket and studded fingerless gloves with Angelic Pretties Memorial Cake OP. Kelly is in black and pink Angelic Pretty Nakayoshi (Close Friends) Bunny JSK (thats a mouth full!) and right on the end is Thali in a Alice and the Pirates print, Pirates Alice II Skirt. EP_2Would you believe that she made the little card should bag she is wearing! Lauren (who was taking the photo) was wearing a Baby the Stars Shine Bright wberry Letters Print Shirring Princess JSK. Kairii and Angela had to head off early so they are not in the group picture, but they were wearing Angelic Pretty Milkychan JSK and Metmorphose Candy Star Rabbit OP.

Our usual meet up spot for picnics is in the Botanical Gardens, so for a change she made it Elder Park. It was quite a warm day but in the shade and with a breeze coming across over the water it was really pleasant. The snacks and wonderful company was a bonus.

EP_7Once we had eaten our fill of snacks we headed over to the Gazebo for some pictures. It was quite late in the afternoon so the shadows were starting to get quite long. We started mucking around seeing what crazy shadows2shapes we could make. I am in the first one looking like I am trying to pull some sort of crazy Karate move. The middle picture of Carrie reminds me of a sailor moon episode where Chibiusa/Rini is trying to make new friends… if you dont know what Im talking about you are not cool enough for me to tell you, lol! My favourite is the last one though.

To finish off a gorgeous picture of Kelly looking very relaxed and dreamy out onto the Torrens river, a very cute picture of Bea, Lauren and Carrie and lastly me looking like I am thinking way to hard for a lazy sunday afternoon!

♥ Alyssium♥


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