Lolita newbie meet with swaps and sales!

Titile Got some thing to sell? Got something to trade? Its been awhile since we had a lolita only swap meet, so grab your frills and join us! Come in casual for a super magical lolita transformation!
This meet is going to be a great opportunity for girls who have been thinking of trying Lolita or who have not have the opportunity to try it out yet. For girls that have just started getting into lolita this is the opportunity to try other make up or hair styles. For experienced lolitas, this is your chance to share the tips and tricks that you have learned along the way ♥


Once a year we generally hold a newbie meet, an opportunity for girls who haven’t tried lolita to come along in casual and then get dressed up in lolita. These events are usually very popular and we get to see many new faces come along. Lolitas who have been part of the community for awhile have the opportunity to help new girls out with trying on outfits, hairstyles or make up. We also use it as an opportunity to buy and sell within the community. This is a selection of things we had available for buy and trade for the day.

Hair and make upCheryl and I were stationed at hair, here Cheryl is doing a double braid. She is well known for being the braid master in the community. We had a couple more girls at the make up station, quite often make up is missed when putting together a coordinate, so it was really nice to see the completed look. Kairii is putting finall touches to Alycias gothic look.

transofrmation1Benzy is one of our youngest new lolitas, here is her transformation from casual to sweet. Angela had pre-prepared as she was on the make up station, so her transformation was a quick professional one! Georgina came in her own classic coordinate and had a go at something different for a change.

transofrmation2Jessica is also one of our newer members trying out a sweet transformation. Lauren is another long time member who is often in classic or casual, here she gave sweet a go. I love Tamara’s transformation, she is one of our oldest community members at the meet up, but I always amazed at how she goes from casual to lolita perfect in such a short amount of time.

As I was busy doing hair all day, I didn’t get a chance to do a transformation myself or get many pics. Its’s always worthwhile watching everyone else’s transformation, especially the new girls. I always remember my first times in Lolita and the feeling of looking like a princess!


♥ Alyssium♥

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