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MM_1While I was reading the Mesenger News the other day I came across some discount coupons to see the latest release Snow White movie, Mirror Mirror. I wanted to see this the other night when we went to the cinema but it hadnt been released, instead we went and saw Hunger Games. So I rounded up the girls for a movie night.
Laying on top is Thali in a AATP skirt, Me wearing a newly acquired Putumayo military styled JSK. Candice is in the platinum blonde wig (that matched the lorax moustache) and wearing a matamorphose skirt. Cheryl in a sweet white and pink Innocent World combination and Amarylise in a floral Taobao dress and newly dyed cotten candy hair in curls.


It had been awhile since I had been to this cinema. A couple of years ago I worked in an office that was a couple of doors down from here so I knew it fairly well. What I had totally forgot about was how cute and retro the


interior was and although the lighting wasnt that great it made a really nice backdrop for some shots (potential photoshoot location down the track)

The carpets and furniture inside the building were all gorgeous, lovely classic reds and gold. The cinema itself was much more smaller and more intimate then a modern one and the chairs were alot more cushy, so we were completely at home here. The bathrooms were designed like old powder rooms with mirrors and lounges in them.
I really enjoyed the movie, it was interesting, more a comedy i think and targeted at a younger audience. The costumes were very lavish and the bollywood style dance at the ending was quite cute, if not an odd addition.

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