Why no Hufflepuff Atelier Pierrot!

Late last year ATELIER PIERROT did a collaboration with Harry Potter Wizarding World which was a Laforet shop limited release. The dresses were available in a red x yellow colourway for Gryffindor and a green x grey for Slytherin. This left the other half of us thinking, “What happened to Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw?”



ATELIER PIERROT x Harry Potter Wizarding World. Laforet Shop Limited.
One piece ¥ 30,000 + tax
© 2018 Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved. Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Publishing Rights © JKR


The majority of the movies focus on Harry, Hermoine and Ron of Gryffindor house and often show them fighting with Draco from the Slytherin house. Though the two other houses Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff feature in the background the characters often have minor roles. I sometimes wonder if this is the reason why merchandise often is made in two of the houses and often leaves the other two out.  I have a wide range of friends in the general wizarding world fan base and it seems to be a common complaint with the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff members, despite the fact it doesn’t seem that we are smaller groups generally.

Fast forward a couple of months and I happened to come across some diagonal striped fabric in black and yellow that reminded me very much of these dresses. Having got back into sewing recently, I decided to set myself a challenge to design my own Hufflepuff inspired Wizarding world JSK.


The fabric I found was yellow and had multiple diagonal stripes, it very much looked like how the fabric would have been designed had Atelier Pierrot done a Hufflepuff version. The fabric was 100% cotton so i used a cotton sateen in black to do the rest of the dress. The benefit to this is that it would breathe better and wouldn’t have the shine that 100% polyester does which the original dresses were designed with. I haven’t seen the original dress in person so I don’t know what the back looks like, I decided to go with shirring for comfort.


Although I liked the overall design of the original dress, I wasn’t a fan of the long bodice and square shaped collar. With my design, I went with a shortened bodice and shorter, rounder collar. The hardest part about the collar was lining up the 4 collar pieces so that the stripes matched. To finish it off I put in one hidden side pocket, an invisible side zip and decided against putting in the front pocket with the house emblem.


This is my finished result. I coordinated it with an offbrand hat (with matching fabric ribbon) a Baby the Stars Shine Bright blouse, Jane Marple leather bag, ivory Otks and a Edenki badger brooch. I am very happy with the result.


♥ Alyssium♥



  1. LOLA says:

    je l’aime beaucoup la robe de poufsouffle

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