Halloween Lolita Party

Groupshot Trick or treat, loli or sweet? What will you be wearing for Halloween? Come join us for a night of games and eating for a frightfully fun party.

We will be having a “Favourite Halloween-themed lolita co-ordinate” competition, a “Best Spooky Food”  and a  “Trick or treat, loli or sweet”, register so get cooking and coordinating, we will see you there!

Halloween rolls in again, and its another time of year for us to legitimately get out our witches hats, bunny ears and cat’s tails without the judgemental lolita eyes telling you, that’s not lolita! Our community had been looking forward to this for awhile, we had hired out a place and a whole range of games set up for the night. We don’t usually have alot of decoration but all the spider webs and pumpkins came out for the night.

DecorationsBritt checks out the “Trick or Treat, Loli or Sweet” registration, where the sweets are piling up ready to go into some bags and cauldrons. Lyrical bunny makes and appearance out of the coffin (I think he looks a little to adorable to suit being in a coffin though!)

PumpkinPumpkin carving was set up all night, so it was the first event to start, complete with carving tools and raincoats (nobody wants pumpkin on there lolita! It was quite the spectator sport! On the right is a selection of prizes we had set up.

Food 1 I was super impressed with all the food that everyone brough, the temptation of lolita prizes was enough to get everyone in the kitchen cooking. As with every event we got a huge array of cupcakes! I loved the ones with brains, complete with syringes full of syrup.

Food2These cracked glass cupcakes came complete with a bottle of candy people’s blood…. hmmm delicious! Thankfully we also had some healthier options like ghost bananas and pumpkin mandarins. I contributed with Gingerdeadmen!

Food3The hot dog mummies were delicious and didn’t last long. I thought the rice bubble pumpkins were a great idea! And the water melon had a melon baller on its head so you could ball out some brains along with your strawberries.

MummyThe mummy run was the next event up, planned by Britt. She pulled out a very large packet of toilet paper and started to call out the rules. We made four teams and were given the go ahead to start the mummification process. I think our group was a bit to caught up on making sure that our mummy, Marian was completely covered (without gaps) because all three other groups crossed the line, before we were event half way finished (with lots of gaps I might add)! So the game was over pretty quickly, though we had more fun mucking around afterwards with the toilet paper, we’re all adults here, right? I love how Marian seems to have taken her mummy role very seriously (in the third picture)

Pinata 1The pumpkin pinata, put together by Marian was the main event for the evening. We all gathered around and called out lolita questions, the winners got a go at the pumpkin. There were several twirls and a blindfold before you got a hit, with enough time for everyone to get out of the way and try and position the pumpkin to not swing and hit a lolita bystander. I think most people got to have a bash (it was very sturdy) when Kairii finally made a break and before you could say lolita, everyone was in and gathering up candy!

PicsIt was time to vote for our best dressed, pumpkin and food. So in the meantime everyone pulled out the cameras! Kat and Kendelle show us how moustaches are done. Britt and Brooke strike a pose. Lisa shows us her Halloween accessories and Britt and I share an Usakumya picture.

Pics 2We were all told to make a scary face, I think Kendelle wins this one, hands down! Kairii and Dalestair share a selfie.


Pics3 We can take nicer photos on Halloween as well, we have the smile all round for this strip!


WinnersLilly wa the winner of our Halloween food competition with her graveyard cupcakes. Chealsea won best dressed folled by Georgina and Dalestair. Best pumpkin awards went to Stefani, Marian and Chelsea, congratulations everyone!

OOTD1Alec matches is partner Dalestair all in black. Alycia goes for a very ghoul like Marie Antoinette. I really like how she put everything together! Carrying on their perfect twinning Angela is the first half of an alien coordinate in Angelic Prettys Cosmic Sailor JSK. Britt goes pastel creepy cute for the evening in We’re All Mad Here’s Sugary Bones. Brooke rocks the shiro broken doll look.

OOTD2Cassandra goes old school gothic for Halloween. Our coordinate winner Chelsea looks amazing in a gothic style shironuri look. I went for a witchy look (switching out my witches hat for bat ears) wearing Alice and the Pirates Guilty Meltin Sweets Town. Corrina rocks out black with perfect barrel curls. Dalestair looks very witchy in Alice and the Pirates Black Cat, the Witch and the Apple tree JSK.

OOTD3Dannie is in a gothic black morticia outfit. If the coordinate picture alone was the basis for the Halloween look, Georgina would have won hands down! She pulls off the Vampire look in Alice and the Pirates Vampire Requiem JSk perfectly. Jasmin sticks with sweet in a bodyline skirt. Jessica wears a hand made creation in an Marie Antoinette style. Our other Jessica rocks a gothic outfit in Surface spell’s Cathedral JSK.

OOTD4Kairii complete the out of this world twin with Angela, in an Ivory Angelic Pretty Cosmic Sailor JSK. Kat looks super cute in Alice and the Pirates Merry Making Ghost town skirt and kitty eared lace cape. Katey also sticks with a sweet style in a bodyline skirt. Kendelle looks lovely in a red Putumayo Window print OP. The added pumpkin headbow is super cute! Lisa punks out in a gothic bat themed outfit, you have to look carefully to sell all the details she added to the outfit.

OOTD5Marian pulls off her classy ghost fawn outfit in style. Shantey rocks out a gothic black and blue outfit. Stefani dabbles in old school and magic. Tilly sticks with chocolate for he evening. Victoria our lucky last competes the outfits with a black gothic outfit.

And with that, Halloween wraps up for another year.


♥ Alyssium♥

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m so sad I missed this meet, it looks like it was so much fun!

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