Nautical photo shoot

BP1August theme for EGL contest is “Ahoy matey!”

To enter this contest, each member may submit a single entry of his or her best nautical-themed outfit [think sailor, pirate, captain, etc]. Entries may be a complete drawing or photo. Drawings, for example, may take the form of fashion flats with an accompanying color palette. Entries will be judged on coordinate aesthetics, appropriateness of background, overall look and entry quality, originality and creativity, and adherence to the lolita aesthetic.BP2

I dont know about you but when I first saw this my instant reaction was PIRATE WOOT! I recently wore a coordinate in Sydney that seemed very appropriate and Tamara had the same pirate reaction so that sealed our theme entry!
Seeing as though the general idea was nautical we wanted to try and get a ship for a background. The two things that immediately came to mind were the Buffalo at Glenelg and the wooden ship down at St Kilda. The other problem is that we wanted to get the pictures down outside and being well into winter the weather was going to make it difficult to plan.BP6
We set a date and prayed that it wouldnt rain (which it did) luckily the showers were on and off. We did a drive by the Buffalo and although we thought the ship would make a good backdrop, there were to many people and buildings around to make it authentic. So we kept on driving along the coast and found a nice portion of beach with a rocky slope down to the sand. We decided to give this a try and were quite bemused to find that the packed carpark was full of “older couples” still in their cars and taking quite an interest to us rolling out of the car and prancing down the sidewalk (who knew that the beach was such a popular hook up ?)

The high heeled shoes were great in theory but made rock climbing in lolita a extreme sport!! Chris my BF that was taking the pictures for us, had to give us a hand a couple of times over the rocks and we had to walk on tip toes so that the heels wouldnt sink into the sand. Noooooo burando sinking into sand!!!! (You will be happy to hear that no brand were damaged in the making of this shoot) I wonder if pirates had the same problem?


Tamara managed to borrow a rather authentic looking telescope which made a fantastic prop!


I brought along my trusty treasure chest (thank you Hitsu) it’s one of my favourite lolita accessories ever!

BP7And finally this is the shot that I choose to enter into the EGL comp.

My outfit consisted of:
BTSSB black hat,  AATP white hair combs,  BTSSB black blouse,  AATP bird cage JSK,  AATP cross necklace  IW wristcuffs,  Dangerfield flower lace tights  AATP Treasure chest bag and IW boots.


EGL results


♥ Alyssium ♥♥

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