Adelaide Masterchef Picnic

MCP_sm_1After the One day in Paradise opening, we decided to have a Picnic while Marie was still over. We were very lucky and got a beautiful day and a great turn out. For a change of scenery we head down to the banks of the Torrens near the Adelaide Zoo. You will see alot of us are wearing ankle socks, the weather is starting to warm up in Australia!
To make this picnic a little different we changed the theme to “Lolita Masterchef”, so it gave everyone a reason to get busy in the kitchen.


Although the weather was lovely, it was a little hot directly in the sun. We found a nice shady spot which was wonderful to relax under and taste all the yummy morsels that everyone had brought along. Once everyone had a chance to sample the goodies, we voted. Carrie got first place and a new pair of BTSSB socks with her delicious chocolate fudge and Lauren came in second place. ( I voted for Nana coz she put strawberries and nutella together *drool*)


I didnt get pictures of everything but on the left is Lauren’s Jaffa nipple cakes! A selection of scones, fudge and rolls, it wasnt all sweets! I think that Emma bought along fruit skewers.


Kelly brought along gingerbread with icing so we could decorate them ourselves.Carrie got creative and made a mermaid!

MCP_6We had to move a couple of times with the shade, but there was a lovely breeze coming in from over the water. On the left Candice and I. On the right, Emma and Bethany.


Jaana was super organised and remembered to bring bread down to feed the ducks and swans.


 A Selection of delicious jewellery and candy. After we were stuffed full, we packed up and went for a stroll to take some pictures.


I would say these are among my favourite Lolita group shots, we are a colourful bunch! ♥ In the back row is Emma in Angelic Pretty Honey Cake, Carrie in lavender AP Milky Planet and Bridget in Rose Melody. In the middle Row from the left in Candice wearing Metamophose Citron Soda, Jaana, Cheryl in dusty pink, Marie in BTSSB Love ring, Present Box and Yi looking elegant in AP Little Birds Symphony. Down in front is me fort he first time out in Emily Temple Cute Umbrellaa print OP, Kelly in a handmade OP, Bethany in Angelic Pretty French Cafe and Nana wearing Angelic Pretty Triple Tart.


♥ Alyssium♥




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