Angelic Pretty Milky Planet shoot

MP1I got an interesting email the other day that prompted a quick photo shoot. Tamara has recently been collecting all the Milky Planets so we organised to have some pictures done with Marie. Can’t say too much about the shots yet, but will update if something happens ♥

MP2Tamara in Pastel Pink Milky Planet, a white Anna House blouse, Angelic Pretty shooting star bag, anklet socks and AP pearl shoes.


And hamming it up for the camera!


I was wearing lovely lavender Milky Planet, Metamorphose white chiffon blouse, a very fluffy pink petticoat made by a Sydney company, Angelic Pretty shooting star bag, anklet socks and AP pink teaparties.

MP5All the trim and details.

MP6Marie looking very becoming in blue milky Planet, Anna House white Blouse, Angelic Pretty shooting star bag, Ap socks and white teaparties.


Up close and personal!

MP8And lastly mucking around and twinning!


♥ Alyssium♥

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