Angelic Pretty Product Care instructions

APCareinstructions2When I got my Angelic Pretty order the other week, nestled in between the pretty, pink wrapped up parcels I found a small piece of paper. On it were instructions on how to care for my items. I thought this was a really nice touch, that they had translated and thought to add the note into a international parcel. Well, at least I thought so until i read the instruction, “Confirm the descriptive label when washing and cleaning” hmmm thanks if I could read Kanji I wouldnt be reading these instructions in English. Well at least the thought is there.
I also though it was interesting that they advised that the clothing and accessories are not fit for exercise, sleeping and taking a bath (insert funny face here) I really wonder what happened to cause them to write this!
These types of instructions are really handy to keep and i know that I am going to lose the little slip of paper, so i thought to post it up on my journal and then I can also share it!

♥ Alyssium♥

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