AP Summer Autumn & Winter

Cover_sm_zpse8566e12AP’s latest offering, Autumn & Winter Collection.


Marshmallow Bunny
I havent been all that keen on many sweet prints lately, but this one is totally adorable. As expected the Salopette with the ears and the bunny eared headdress sold out immediately. Other pieces from this series are still available…. still contemplating buying!
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Jewel Ribbon Print
Very popular, sold out really quickly for all items in the series. I quite like the lavender versions, but dont really like the pink x black or chocolate x pink colourways.
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Misty Sky
I really dislike the design of the OP, reminds me a little of a nightrobe, the blue print looks like One Day in Paradise’s banner! The socks can also match a number of other Angelic Pretty Prints.
Book Mark
This series snuck out on the website with very little fun fair. A fairly low-key plain design, a little classic for Angelic pretty. The accessories for this were very nice.
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Toy March
A super popular print! Sold out in pretty much everything, it was ver difficult trying to get anything from this series!! I really wanted the toy drum hat to go with my holy night story as I still havent located the little military hats. Managed to get them at a marked up price on EGL comm sales. A couple of the local lolitas bought items from this print.
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Nearly every lolita worldwide wanted this print, thankfully i didnt!! I was surprised that it didnt get a two page spread like the other prints, I dont think Angelic Pretty was expecting this to be popular. It just so happens that Alice and the Pirates also released a print called Gloria, but used stained glass as the subject. Other then the fact that this series came in pink, it very much reminded me of a Moi Meme Moitie design. The many body of the dress is velvet with a lovely chiffon layer over the top.
Trump Doll
Had to buy the accessories immediately for this series, for my Marionette girl, strangely though they came in a wine colour instead of red!!! Other then the jewellery this series didnt interest me a whole lot.
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