International Lolita day card exchange

International Lolita day is coming up and it’s time to celebrate being a Lolita! What better way to get to know each other by exchanging cards and spread the loli love ♥
Cards can be bought or handmade, but there is a lot more love and thought that go into handmade cards!

To participate please comment in the pinned post and tells us a bit about yourself. Are you a sweet lolita, are you a gothic lolita, are you one of our newbie
You can choose to directly address your lolita in your card, you can also choose to remain anonymous, like a valentine card.
Once you know who you are sending your card to, get crafty! Take a moment to read the pinned post about your lolita and take their comments into consideration.
The aim is for everyone to receive their cards by International lolita day. 
Once you have received your card, please take a moment share a photo of the card in the event.



Hi everyone, I’m Christine (Alyssiumbaby). I have been wearing Lolita for many years, but just come out of hiatus after having s baby ( now 3 and not a baby anymore) my wardrobe has evolved so many times, I haven’t settled on any particular style, I have all sorts in my wardrobe. Kumakumya is my favourite mascot and I’m a sucker for Halloween and Christmas prints.






Jemma – Hello! I’m a big fan of wearing decora style lolita, but sometimes I just dont have enough time to put everything on so I go for more of a sweet or classic. My only piece of typical brand is a head bow! So I guess I’m fairly experimental. I like pastel rainbow, glitter, clutter, unicorns, rabbits, candy, pokemon, tamagotchis, blingy crystals, stickers, MLP, monster high, Love live, and basically all sorts of messy, crowded yet coordinated colorful things. Good luck with making a card! Have fun!


Tamara – A hoy hoy, I mainly wear sweet with a bit of pinup inspiration. My coords are generally simple, and thats my style. I love things like Harry Potter, Disney and Pokemon.


Lin  –

I’m a classic Lolita based in Sydney (originally from Melbourne, and lived in Adelaide briefly).

My favourite colourways are Bordeaux and I absolutely adore old school style pieces by BTSSB!
For prints, I absolutely love IW floral designs – so friggen adorable!
I haven’t really had the chance to attend many meets since moving to Sydney. But in Melbourne, I enjoyed carpooling with some lolitas to a place outside the cbd. I am currently working on sewing a skirt, with intentions to sew an old school inspired jsk.. Eventually.


Nikarra – Hi hi! I’m Nikarra, I’m Sydney based and I like all subtypes but mostly wear classic, country or sweetish classic styles. I also love scifi, random history facts and sew a lot of my own stuff. I’m also a bit of a hobby artist and musician, (suffice to say I can get bored easily, hence the hobbies). I’ve been wearing lolita since 2012 and my fave brands are Lief, Innocent World, Physical Drop and Haenuli.












May – Hi! Im May, my style is sweet, been in the fashion since 2011; my favourite dress is Haenuli’s Jellyfish Princess. I really love the colours pink and green, but a majority of my dresses are blue. I love things like Disney and Sanrio, with my fav characters being Mulan, Ariel, Hello kitty, and My Melody.


Tanya – I mainly wear classic & gothic lolita and ouji 😃 !! Favourite brands at the moment are Atelier Boz and Alice and The pirates.
As for interesting lolita quirks , nearly all my lolita wardrobe have things in the red/wine colour way (or will incorporate red into into it some way). -> I have my dream dress currently on the way in the mail (red colour-way of course 😅).
I love craft so I can’t wait to start making a letter !!


Hello! I am Bree and I love all things swan. My Lolita prints are 80% swan & I adore the colour pink. I have be amongst the online scene since 2014 but didn’t do my first cord until August 2017. I’m currently branching out from sweet by doing gothic and planning my first ouji cord! I also wish to try country, wa and classical Lolita at some point in the future.


Hey, I’m Belinda!
I’ve been in the fashion since 2008, and am a very eclectic mix of all the sub styles, changing out my whole wardrobe almost every 6 months, haha.
I love the community I’ve found, and the friends I’ve made through lolita, and hanging out with them and creating friendships has been the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for


April – Hey all!
I mainly wear sweet Lolita, lots of BTSSB prints! However I do like a bit of classic and the natural wood/plant/flower accessories/necklaces. One day I hope to do a nice classic coord but I own mostly pink! My favourite dress and my first brand dress I ever got is the print Stardust Fantasia ~Horoscope of Twins Star Kittens~. Pretty excited about my dress in the post which isn’t sweet, it’s a black and white gingham by diamond honey. Ah I’m into Harry Potter a d other sweet cute things as well ☺️









Velvet – Hello my name is Velvet and I’m a high school lolita from Sydney 🙂 I love to wear both gothic and sweet lolita, and my goal in life is to one day have nothing but lolita fashion in my wardrobe! I’ve been interested in lolita fashion for a few years now, but only in the last 2 years or so have I started taking it more seriously and wearing it whenever I get the chance- ive even got the blue LINGXI ice kingdom dress for my school formal!! I love cats and Disney movies (it may sould childish but my fav is aristocats hehe). My favorite colour is baby pink. I’m currently saving for a cat themed AP dress- there’s so many and I cant pick which i want tho!:) ❤


Hello, I’m Colin! I currently live in Melbourne but I moved here from Adelaide and I have also lived in Canada. My wardrobe is a bit of a hodge podge of everything from OTT sweet through to EGA, but my favourite thing is my big boi usakumya. Other than that I enjoy video games, anime, and all the usual weeb things












Dael – Heya!
I’v been on hiatus from the fashion for the past 5ish years, I’m mainly classic with some goth and recently sweet elements.
I live in the countryside WA, so I’m a bit of a ‘lonelita’
I love cats and books and scifi ❤











Heather – Hello,
I mainly wear EGL, aristo and oldschool but also dable in classic lolita. Velvet, tartan and florals are my favourite 🖤 I’ve been wearing lolita since 2012 and am really happy the oz comm is active again as I was a lone lolita from a small town in the beginning and online communities/events meant a lot to me. I look forward to the event and getting crafty!




♥ Alyssium♥

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