Japan Day 4

The plan for today was to shop in Osaka! There were quite a few places that we were eager to get to. Unfotunately as most of the day was shopping and because alot of the stores dont allow pictures, we did not get many shots.

We got off to a late start and half way to Kyoto station Chris and I realised that we left our rail passes back at the house! We still could have continued but we would have had to pay for all tickets and Kyoto to Osaka was a reasonably expensive ride. So while Chris and I went back to fetch them everyone else went out to Kyoto for some sight seeing. The entrance of Kyoto station, you can see Mimi and Georgina in the very far right of the picture. Kyoto station is huge!!!The first picture here is taken of the same part of the station as the third picture (Kyoto station entrace) just from above! There are many restaurants and shops plus an attached department store. A well known landmark just outside Kyoto station is Kyoto Tower Hotel.

day4-1Mimi eyes up her choice of snacks! Alot of the products over here are endorsed by stars or popular programs. One of the hit programs while we were over there was K-on and One piece so while we were in the supermarkets we could buy for example K-on drinks or Onepiece chips. You would also get limited editions bentos, cups, cards, figurines, stationary as well as many more things.
The first thing we did when we reached Osaka is head off to the Pokemon center! This has moved since our last visit into a large department store attached the station. I was really looking forward to going back to the Pokemon center, we went there last timebought, when we were in Japan and they have such a large range of merchandise! The other great thing was that because my birthday was in the next couple of days I was able to apply for a birthday bonus! All I had to do was show my passport to the desk and they gave me a giant Pokemon card with my name on it, and some special discounts. I took full advantage of the discount and went on a bit of a spree! I got a bunch of plushies TCG items, T-shirts, calendars and some stationary for my brother.
Once we had finished shopping we went for a hunt for lunch. We ended up in the basement of the department store, if you have any problems finding food, this is a really good place to go. Typically the basement is made up into a market type area with many types of food stalls selling a large assortment of bento boxes, pastries, day4-3preprepared food as well dishes weighed out and served on the spot.
After eating we headed out for Mandarake Umeda. This was quite difficult to find, even with a map. Chris and I had been here previously but we still ended up wandering though shops and arcades before we eventually found it.

It was well worth the effort, Madarake is a chain of stores,kind of like a cash converters but solely for anime and pop culture items. Everything in the store is really good condition and often in new condition! This particular store, Umeda is in a arcade and has several floors of merchandise. The first floor is full of books artworkday4-4 and features a skeleton of a mammoth! The top floor has a huge range of figurines, plush and cosplay.It also features a cosplay stage which staff who are all dressed up, get on stage and sing! Tucked around the corner just before the exit is also a great selection of dolls, there were quite a few rare dollfie dreams, resins and accessories. I picked up a cute Lucky star cosplay and a couple of doll items before we head out.
For the rest of the evening we explored the arcades and had dinner before heading off home!


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