Lolita “firsts” quick quiz

Lolita Quiz from EGL

What was your first…

1. Lolita purchase? Alice and the pirates Tartan Check Velveteen Conversion JSK which I bought off Ebay a couple of years ago, I very stupidly thought I was the only person buying “japanese fashion” and I had noone to wear it with so I just wore it around the house.
2. Time attending a meet-up? 20th August 2011 a meet up in the botanic gardens. I wore BTSSB Paris Windows JSK
3. Time wearing lolita out in public? Avcon 2011 BTSSB Ivory Merry Sweet Castle
4. Brand item of clothing/accessory? Same as no.1
5. Dream dress? Have you acquired said dream dress? Angelic Pretty Marionette Girl OP, it took alot of stalking and searching and it cost me a fortune but I ハート it, I knew from the first time I saw a picture that I wanted it!
6. What is your favorite item of lolita clothing? I love lolita shoes and bags, lolita shoes are so comfortable to walk in and i love having so many bags. In my normal wardrobe I only have one or two bags but with my lolita I have alot more!
7. How long have you known about lolita? My first trip to japan about 5 years ago
8. How long have you been investing in lolita clothing? Seriously investing about 2 years
9. What other hobbies do you have that you think go together with this style we love? I also collect BJDs, this is how I found out about lolita. My BJD has a BTSSB dress and I found out I could own the same one!
10. How would you describe your own personal lolita style? What brought you and influenced you to where you are aesthetically? I dont really know if I have a personal style, if i see something i like, I get it. My first couple of dresses were mainly gothic lolita but i started to also buy sweet, i have a mixture of both now.
11. How do you see your style changing in the future? At first it was really easy to just buy all the pieces in a release, it all matches but there is not a whole lot of thought put into a full matching coordinate. I have started to mix and match bringing alot more offbrand or non matching items to build my outfits and Im having more fun doing that.
12. What does ‘lolita’ mean to you? I used to be a tom boy, I had two brothers growing up so I went to cubs instead of girl guides and wore baggy clothing, my career is also male dominated so I have spent alot of time in the company of males. Wearing lolita has given me a way of feeling and expressing my femininity. Its a time where Im able to spend time feeling good about myself and pay attention to how i look.


♥ Alyssium♥

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