Strawberry Picking

Group_smWhat better to feast on in summer, then strawberries! (or mango, except we don’t have a mango farm, so strawberries are the next best thing) Strawberries are best picked in the summer months. The Strawberry farm is located up in the hills where it will be cooler than the city, so a great hang out for hot lolis!  

GroupBeerenberg, the strawberry farm, is very well known for its strawberries and preserves that sell in supermarkets and are stocked in hotels across Australia.

Our summer strawberry picking has become an annual event and is always popular with the lolitas. Last year we had a chocolate theme, this year we went with strawberries.

Panorama pickingWe picked an absolutely gorgeous day to go picking. It was warm, but not too hot, there was a lovely breeze coming up over the hill and the sky was a brilliant blue colour.


The great thing about strawberry picking is that you get to choose your own strawberries (and eat a couple along the way) I love my strawberries to be a bright red to burgundy colour, really ripe so they are super sweet! You need to go looking for the good ones.

BerrypatchBelle poses for a shot, Bridget goes for an action shot and Amy puckers up for some strawberry kisses.


Lauren Red strawberry prints stand out amongst the berry patch! Red is definitely a good choice for Lauren, it looks lovely on her.

strawberry patch_smWe stuck around long enough to eat our fill of strawberries, it felt like the strawberry patch kept on going and going along the hill. When we couldn’t eat any more, we head back up to the store to purchase the ones that we had collected in our punnets.

ShopThe Beerenberg shop had a great range of sauces and preserves that you could buy. I had a bit of a laugh when the girls pointed out the Lolita’s Garlic Sauce! I picked up a couple of jams to take home for Chris and bought a really cute hadmade strawberry brooch.

LunchAfter finalising all our purchases we head down the road to Chocolate No5 to have lunch. Chocolate is always the best match for strawberries!

oufit_1Alycia does a very cute country style outfit in a Baby the Stars Shine Bright gingham strawberry print JSK. Amy goes for a striped strawberry print and socks, also from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Belle wears one of my favourite strawberry print dresses, Juicy Baby, love, love berries in a light mint colourway. Bridget looks bright and colourful wearing Angelic Pretty Dreaming Macaron JSK. Britt on the end looks very sweet in a mint sweets dress and carrying a cute Mogwai.

oufit_2Brooke is wearing a recent Angelic Pretty print, Melty Creamy Donut matched with a biscuit Swimmer Bag. I finally got around to wearing my Angelic Pretty Freshly picked Strawberries ( well selected I thought) with a straw hat. Georgina kept the Stawberry theme going in Walolita. Jessica, a new lolita was lucky to be able to borrow Olivias Wonder Party for the day. Jimmy looks lovely in Angelic Pretty Triple Tart.

oufit_3Jordy is Brookes younger sister wearing Angelic Pretty’s Coat of Arms. Katie went with a red theme wearing Innocent World and bright red flowers. The red boots were a fantastic idea for the strawberry patch! Lauren looks amazing, head to toe in red. You are not able to see in this picture, but her beret had strawberry leaves on the top. Olivia looks nice and cool in a mint Anna House Sweets JSK. On the end and decked out in chocolate is Skye, Brookes cousin who joined us for the day.

FairyAfter a morning of picking and a chocolate packed lunch, we strolled along Hahdorf’s main street ducking into stores and sweet shops along the way. One of the stores we stopped to go into, was a Fairy store with a cute themed garden out the front. I stopped and soaked in the sun for a little bit before we moved on for some more shopping.


What a great way to spend a day!


♥ Alyssium♥

  1. Looks like it was an awesome day! 😀 Wish I could’ve come along, I’ll do my best to make the next event! 😀

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