Tokyo Hardcore Opening

Today Adelaides first Lolita store opened at The Adelaide Arcade, in the CBD!!! All of the Local Lolitas have been in countdown, waiting for theTokyo store to open since we heard rumours of a brick and mortor shop opening (finally to be able to try something on and see it before buying). It has been in the planning for quite some time now by Suzanna and all her hard work paid off with a totally successful first day in business!  The shop opened early this morning to a line of excited and gorgeously coordinated lolitas….. I’m sure there would have been some confused commuters going to work this morning with all of the girls travelling in peak hour to get into the city in time. I had gym with my personal trainer this morning so after my session I legged it home, jumped though the shower, started dressing (to be interrupted by the postie with a package) then finished and jumped on the first tram down to Rundle mall. Luckily I was only a little late and was greeted by a shop full of frilly girls!

coordSome of the cute coordiations for the morning were, Carrie wearing the stunning Angelic Pretty Milky Planet, Tamara in Angelic Pretty Milky berry, Amy wearing Angelic Pretty Marchen Ribbon, Kelly in Angelic Pretty Cherry Berry Bunny and me wearing Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie.

THacessThe racks were filled with some of Angelic Pretty’s latest designs, Black Peave Now, Metamorphose and Doki Doki. Here are some of the display tables with a Ergi Bunny hat, Sucre Noir jewellery and Sparkle Peach deco nails. On the second table a range of Doki Doki 6% and Angelic Pretty jewellery.

THboughtMy haul for the morning, a totally adorable Black Peace Now top hat that I nabbed of the front mannequin. A Strawberry Doki Doki ring that I had been eyeing off on the website (that had sold out) so I was really happy to find!) and some sparkly Doki Doki bows for my BFF Candice.

♥ Alyssium♥

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