New Arrivals, dressform and dress

It is an exciting day for me today, two new items!! Last Night Adelle posted a picture on her FB of VRher new dressform. I have been huting for one similar for quite some time now. It’s quite easy to find dressmaking mannequins that allow you to vary the size and shape, but I have been looking for a dressform that is solid and looks pretty for me to display my dresses on. When I saw the picture I asked Adelle where she got it from and she mentioned that her friend got one at Neds. This morning I called around and located the one I wanted in the second shop I called, so after work I headed down there and picked it up. It was really good timing too, because this morning my Vampire Requiem dress in my trade from rongunatt arrived! Unfortunately I was working so I had to wait till lunch to try it on, so I was looking longingly at the package for most of the morning. Come lunch time I sprang into action and thankfully it fit (Alyssium 1, Aatp 0… well technically Aatp is up as the last two OPs have not fit me) but I wont dwell on that, this wonderful dress fits me and its gorgeous!! Im not sure what I was expecting but its a lot lovelier then I thought it would be. The colour isnt navy, its a brilliant deep blue, the fabric is nice and thick and the print is more detailed then I initially thought. The cross that hangs off the bow is really good quality and quite heavy and the detailing scallops around the hem finish off the bottom much better then lace would have. dressform

I can see now why everyone loves this print. I paired it up with my Alice and the Pirates Embroidery Blouse with Chain Decoration and Pirate chest! I was also thinking some lace stockings and I think they will go really well when I get around to ordering the Bordello Boots I want! Im wondering what hairstyle would suit this coordinate though?

♥ Alyssium♥

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