We’re All Mad Here tights

Group retrobleach look

I was very fortunate to spot the moment when Eden posted on Facebook, that she was road testing her new prototype tights and needed some legs to assist! She had a set of skeleton tights and Sugary Bones tights and I was very lucky to be in quick enough to try the mint sugary bones ones! 


A little while later she put a second call out to test all the colours and sizes, she then got a group together and we had a photo shoot!

There is a really cool mural just across the road from my place so that turned out to be our back drop. Instead of modelling the tights I ended up being the impromptu photographer for the day and got some really good shots. It helps alot that the girls that I was taking photographs of, were all gorgeous!

Eden took this quick shot on instagram of me getting the girls to do jump shots.


On to the tights!

Skeleton full

Sweet Skeleton tights in pink, black, mint and lavender.

Sugary bones full

Sugary bones tights in black, mint and lavender. You can’t see in these pictures, but the left knee has a heart that says bite me!

Petticoat crew_sm

These are my favorite pictures from the photo shoot! In the first picture the girls just look so bad ass! I’m not sure if you recognize the poses in the middle?…. WAMH senshi! Carrie looking perfectly gorgeous in the tights!

Group table

All of the legs and models for the tights. Tamara, Eden (the designer) Heather, Carrie, Suze, X, Sarah and Nana.

Christine tights

Tamara got a couple pictures of me towards the end of the shoot. I’m wearing We’re All Mad Here’s ribcage top in lavender and sugary bones tights in mint. I had so much fun at the photo shoot!


If you are interested in any We’re All Mad Here Designs you can find their store here or their FB page here.


♥ Alyssium♥

  1. Alexia says:

    Hello, I know it’s been years but what happened to We’re all Mad here ?
    I have been very interested for years to get those lavender bones tights and I don’t find the owner.

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