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NM1Our local lolita group mainly uses a facebook group called Adelaide Gothic and Lolita Fashion. We have 196 members however I believe only around 30-40 are active in dressing and coming out to meet ups. I think alot of NM3jpgthe members are new and lurking around till they feel comfortable enough to join us, or chat in the group. Jaana thought of idea to have a meet up specifically for new people to come along (in lolita or not) to find out more about the fashion. The idea gained momentum and we had the first one shortly after Avcon.

Jaana took on organising the entire meet up, including the location, format and raffle. She had help from a number of other girls who each took a turn writing a piece to share on the day. Angela helped cohost NM4jpgthe event.

Some of the things that were talked about were, the aethetic of lolita, how to build a coordinate, sub-styles of lolita and how to buy lolita clothing. Here Aneta and Thali talk about building up an outfit.

Monique and Carrie stand by a photoboard which shows group meet ups of the last couple of years. Something I really love about our group is the many ways in which they coordinate their outfits, you could give the same piece to each of them and they would all inject their style and personality into it which is


awesome! On the left Aneta has taken a Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly black skirt and added a leopard print cardigan, a spiky handband and accessories to take what usually would be a sweet print and make it a bit more spunky, very much suited to her personality! Bridget is wearing a Innocent World Chair print skirt, usually classical, but by adding a flowing blouse, heels and headdress she has made it much more girls and sweet. A belt at the waist takes the outfit in and makes it look more flattering. On the right is Thali wearing a Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cinderlla print skirt, with the blouse and waistcoat she made a typically sweet print more classic.

Other things we did on the day were  a raffle going with items donated from some local designers and also some delicious snacks including bubble gum and choc orange macarons made by my lovely partner Chris NM5jpg No lolita can resist a perfect pink macaron that tastes like bubblegum!

christineI was designated tech for the day, looking after the slideshow and projector so I wasnt able to run around and get pictures like I usually do, i borrowed these last pictures from the lovely Katherine from blogspot.

I was wearing my most recent purchase and coordinate Angelic Pretty Toy Drops. I was umming ahd ahhing over this print for so long that it sold out on the international website, my gorgeous BF mush have felt sorry for me so he nabbed it on the USA site for me.




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