That epic moment when……

I finally finished one of the pokemon games!
I started playing Pokemon back in high school when it first came out. I bought and played Pokemon red, blue, yellow, silver, gold and crystal. I then had a bit of a Hiatus and picked up again when they released Pokemon Pearl and Diamond. My lovely boyfriend Chris, for a present went back and bought me the ones in between that I had skipped for a present. He hunted them all down on ebay making sure they all had original boxes and manuals ハート! I have also since bought the Heart Gold, Soul Silver versions as well as Black and White.

On our first trip to Japan they released Pokemon Platinum. I bought it in duty free in Queensland on May 14th on our way over and started playing it on the plane. I finished the storyline long ago, as well as that of all the other games. My definition of finished however is not just finishing the storyline but also viewing and catching every single pokemon in the game. As  you would know it got progressively harder as the games went on as they kept on adding the total amount of pokemon. That and the fact that a handful of Pokemon cannot be caught in the game but are only available through special Nintendo events.

So last night I finally evolved the last pokemon on my list! My pokedex hit 493 and I got on my bike and paid a visit to the games director where I recieved my diploma.

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