Twin Photoshoot

Twin-7February theme for EGL contest is “Time to twin!”

“To enter this contest, grab your best lolita pal and take a photo of you two twinning, and an explanation of your wardrobe choices (i.e. what makes you twins). Each member of the community may only be in a single twin-entry, and each entry may only have two people in the photo. Entries will be judged on the Creativity of your coordinates, Overall look/entry quality, Completeness of the Lolita Coordinate/Adherence to Lolita Aesthetic, and Adherence to the contest theme . Think outside the box here, twins dressed as something more than just wearing the same print will get more points for creativity, etc!”

I got Twin-8Angelic Pretty’s Chocolate Chess bustier in mint while I was in Japan and I knew that one of the local loli’s, had the same dress in pink. This was a perfect excuse to hold a photo shoot and cazzles is a bunch of fun to take pictures of! When we were thinking of locations we thought about either doing something chess or chocolate related. I did find a local park that had a giant chess set, but Valentines day is also around the corner so the chocolate stores are dressing up the windows. We decided to take some pictures at Haighs, Haighs chocolate is a company that produces hand made chocolates in adelaide and it has a store in the Adelaide Arcade which has a wonderful classic/vintage feel to it. We teamed up with our lovely photographer Kairii and a group of lolitas for support.


Bridget is wearing Angelic Pretty’s recent Christmas print release Twinkle Carnival in black. Molly looking country lolita for the day was wearing Angelic pretty Strawberry Jam with a cute straw hat. Lauren was weaing Milky-chan Applique JSK and Thali is in Milky-chan necklace style print JSK.

We finished up the day with, you guessed it, Purakura!!!!


After a month we got the results and Carrie and I won! Here are the shots we submit.

EGL Results!

♥ Alyssium♥


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